Microsoft remains silent on its forced Windows 10 update!

Microsoft still remains silent, giving the opportunity to the media to go further wild on its windows 10 ‘forced’ update. And for all our readers information, our StorageServers blog was the first one to identify the trouble of Windows 10 forced update. The issue is that Microsoft made its Windows 10 free upgrade as a forced update on all its Windows 7 and Windows 8 users in the first week of August.

As a result, a 2GB -3GB update of free upgrade was forced onto all users who were using Win 7 and Win 8.1. Some grabbed the opportunity and upgraded to the new OS, while some chose to go for it at some time in this year.

But without thinking from its user’s point of view, Microsoft issued its win 10 update onto all its Win 7 and Win 8.1, who haven’t applied for an upgrade. Since, the previous OS settings (Windows 7 and 8.1) were not viable for an upgrade, the forced update completely failed.

However, since the data was downloaded, all those who were having a metered internet connection had to pay for the consumed bandwidth, which eventually failed to take off on their laptops.

Few of them recognized it early and customized their settings in such a way that Microsoft doesn’t get an opportunity to repeat the forced update attempt.

But most of them had no knowledge of what was happening in their laptops background application environment and couldn’t act accordingly in time. As a result, due to Microsoft’s repetitive attempts to upgrade its user’s OS, lots of data was consumed by these users and had to shell out extra for the month of August and September, that too for a failed upgrade attempt and

On the other hand, Microsoft did not bother to address this issue till date.

However, one person from Microsoft who likes to comment as anonymous revealed that the so called “Forced Windows 10 update” was not likely an update forced onto users without permission. It was a process which was in-turn professionalized by their update servers. He mentioned that Microsoft has the ability to identify metered internet connections, especially those using its Windows 8/8.1 OS and was just offering the service as a preparatory update.

The anonymous source said that MS servers were making the update readily available to its users as a cache, so that it helps users running slow or metered connections to grab the free update at the very first go.

Although, this statement of his doesn’t look professionally sound, atleast it gives us a feeling that Microsoft cares for its users.

Presently, this is the word which is available from Microsoft on its Windows 10 forced update and yes it is not official yet.



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