Here are top three big data threats!

Big data can prove critical to enterprises as it contains private information, which when fallen into wrong hands could be used against the company sullying its high profile reputation.

As the use of technology is increasing, the threats related to data security are also escalating. Sometimes these threats are leading to legal and reputational risks to organizations, firms and even government agencies. If the threats are not well- monitored, this could lead to serious consequences.

They are many security breach points to be noted. But here are the top three—

  • Unsecured internet- Transferring data through a wireless network poses a great risk to crucial data. This is due to the fact that hackers write programs which are capable of intercepting logs and information passing over a network. Some of these applications utilize different operating system file names and are difficult to detect by virus detectors. Eventually, these applications come in the form of viruses which tag themselves to data and alter it as planned by the cyber criminals. For this reason, enterprises should offer valuable resources to network security in order to keep their data safe and secure from any kind of unfortunate activity.
  • Lacking proper security tools- In most cases, either traditional practices or over-confidence leads to a practice where proper security tools are ignored. Proper tools may include firewalls and high-tech secure file transfer. These tools allow people to send and receive large data sets without fear of its integrity, because data will be completely secure at every stage of the transfer process. So, do keep a watch on these tools and it is better to ask your network admin to keep a report on these issues on weekly basis.
  • Human errors– Lack of proper training to employees often leads to circumstances where big data feels threatened, poor methods of information handling by employees may expose crucial information or documents which may get lost and go into the wrong hands. In some cases, employees might forget to sign out from a company’s site or a company’s public cloud, exposing important data while other untrustworthy employees may knowingly leak confidential information to those who seek to exploit it.

Finally, data has nowadays become an extremely important business tool to every enterprise. But at the same time, data is also becoming very expensive and tiresome to work with, as many challenges occur while dealing with it. Thus, some challenges need to be revisited continually to ensure that online information is well-secured to ensure smooth and secure information flow in any organization.


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