Solid State drives sales to reach $229.5 billion by 2022!

SSD sales are growing exponentially and may reach $229.5 billion mark by 2022. These figures were revealed by a market research firm named Transparency Market Research (TMR). The same firm also tracked down the SSD sales in 2014 and disclosed that they have hit $15.1 billion mark in the said period.

If the numbers are to be believed, the sales growth of SSDs is expected to grow by 40% next year. The said research firm considers solid-state storage in general as SSDs and includes NAND flash based storage seen in e-gadgets such as Apple iPAD tablets.

According to the survey conducted by Transparency Market Research in 2014, client SSD was the largest segment, contributing 88.1% of revenue and 68.7% of the market volume. The survey reveals that SSDs with capacities of 80GB and below dominated the global solid state drive market in 2014, accounting for approximately 36.3% of the global SSD market revenue. Solid state drives with Serial ATA interface were the most popular because the technology is used inside all PC sales today.

The survey also divulged that increase in SSD sales in said year was due to high performance requirements in enterprises. The SAS and PCl-E SSD segments are expected to overtake the SATA SSD segment over the forecast period from 2015 to 2022. PCle SSD are expected to be the fastest growing segment, recording a CAGR of 61.2% over till 2022.

According to TMR, Asia Pacific was the largest SSD market revenue contributor in 2014 and accounted for 57.0 per cent of the global SSD market, which is logical given the fact that virtually all PCs are made in the region.



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