Apple $1million challenge for Apple iOS 9 hackers

Computer Security firm Zerodium has announced that it is going to offer $1 million to hackers who can find way to breach the latest Apple iOS 9 operating system launched on September 16th,2015. The company also revealed that this sum is technically being funded by Apple Inc.

Zerodium which started operating from early this year in United States would pay out $1 million each to as many as three people or a group who can manage to break into iOS9 equipped iPhones or iPads.

The only obligation to get this money is that hacker must use a web page or a text message to remotely bypass the iOS9 security and discretely install an application on the iPhone or iPad by October 31st, 2015.

By challenging the hackers worldwide, Apple wants to prove through Zerodium that its latest iOS 9 release has the highest cost and complexity of vulnerability exploitation and here is where the million dollar iOS9 bug bounty comes into play.

More details are awaited!



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