Backblaze is forced to sell cloud storage at half a cent per GB!

Backblaze, well known as an online cloud backup provider is now venturing into cloud storage business. And it is said that heavy competition is forcing the company to offer cloud storage for a quarter the price of Azure, Amazon S3 and Google.

Last year the company was in news, for technically proving which hard drive makes and models were suitable to be used in data centers. Now, the company is back in news for offering low cost cloud storage. This is due to the fact that competition is heavy in cloud storage business and it isn’t easy anymore to fetch prospective customers.

Backblaze has officially revealed that its storage hardware has been designed with lowest cost alternative, using software to provide the necessary protection against failures. And it currently houses around 150 Petabytes of raw storage.

Backblaze is offering $5/ month for unlimited size backup plan on a profitable note and is willing to offer cheap storage to developers. Its new product B2 is almost in the same vein of Amazon S3 and is available at a lowest cost.

Amazon’s S3 storage is available with reduced redundancy for 2.2 cents per GB per month and that too for consumers who store more than 5 Petabytes.

Backblaze B2 storage is available for 0.5 cents/GB per month with the first 10GB free every month. So, this is cheaper than what Amazon Glacier and Google Nearline are offering these days.

However, bandwidth costs are same- as inbound bandwidth is free and outbound bandwidth is charged at 5 cents/GB.

Thus, this low cost cloud storage feature offered by Backblaze can prove profitable to users and can bring in a lot of customer base onto its platform.

But the only negative fact is that this company has only one data center in California, unlike Amazon and Google which have multiple data centers. So, all the internet surveillance laws applicable in United States will be valid to the data stored on this platform.

Presently, Backblaze is taking signups for its beta version today, and is willing to fulfill the demand in October this year. The public availability of Backblaze cloud storage will be from this year end.



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