QNAP ships worlds first hybrid NAS with Thunderbolt and 10GbE Network Connectivity!

Quality Network Appliance provider, well known as QNAP worldwide has started shipping world’s first hybrid NAS/DAS/iSCSI storage that offers direct access with two Thunderbolt 2 ports of Intel and a full NAS functionality through Gigabit/10GbE network connectivity. Thus, QNAP TVS 871T will be a new networked storage appliance that will help in wiping out a major headache for photographers and high definition video producers.

QNAP TVS 871T is a single storage appliance which can prove as a boon to photographers and video professionals working and generating 4K Ultra High Definition video streams. It has 8-hot swappable drive bays, and can pack a whooping 64Tb of in-unit storage with blistering fast transfer speed up to 20GB/s. The unit’s storage can be expanded via QNAPs TX expansion unit series, which provides up to a jaw dropping 448TB of raw storage.

With Thunderbolt 2 as a key connection technology on board, simultaneous support to high-speed data transfers and high definition video displays is easily possible. QNAP TVS-871T also comes with a dedicated private cloud for easy remote access, file sharing and advanced virtualization features that allow the unit to function as a stand-alone PC. The TVS-871T also features an HDMI port for real-time, simultaneous storage and play-out of 4K content viewable on a 4K display.

Thunderbolt 2 benefits-Thunderbolt 2 was developed by Intel and Apple and leaves USB 3.1 behind in terms of speed. It takes two 10Gbit/sec channels of the original specification and combines them into a single 20Gbit/sec channel capable of transferring 2,500 MB/sec. This will prove crucial in transferring 4K content.

QNAP TVS 871T is available in two variants

  • QNAP TVS 871T with an Intel i7 4790S 3.2GHZ quad core processor and a 16GB DDR3 RAM, with built-in dual port Thunderbolt 2 and 10GbE ports.
  • QNAP TVS 871T with an Intel i5 4590S 3.0GHZ quad core processor and a 16GB DDR3 RAM, with built-in dual port Thunderbolt 2 and 10GbE ports.

To know the pricing of QNAP TVS 871T with i7 and QNAP TVS 871T with i5 processor hybrid storage appliance please contact its sales department.


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