Gmail to allow users to block email ids!

Google propelled Gmail is all set to offer to its users the privilege of blocking email ids of their unwanted contacts. So, this new feature will allow Google mail users to block all those contacts related correspondence in future and unsubscribe from newsletters with a few clicks.

Google announced yesterday that it will introduce this ‘email blocking’ feature from this week and will introduce the same to Android users from early next month.

In June this year Gmail introduced ‘undo’ option where users can cancel the delivery of an email within 30 seconds of pressing the send button. Thus, this would avoid misdirected or inappropriate mailing issues.

Now, Gmail has come up with a ‘user block’ feature where all correspondence from a specific email contacts can be blocked instantly.

However, this feature doesn’t appeal much, as it works in-line with spam filter. Users who marked the mails as spam will never get emails from that contacts in their inbox. Instead, they will land in the spam box and after a period of 30 days will get automatically deleted.



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