Microsoft Office 2016 top features!

Microsoft Office 2016 is here and it isn’t just a spin off of previous Microsoft Office 365, but has a ton of amazing new tricks and features that are designed to make your work a lot easier.

The new MS office 2016 offers tool for home and business users the ability to automatically separate important and trifling emails at just a mouse click. It helps in connecting to social media accounts and helps in planning your weekend.

  • Integration to Skype- Microsoft has made cloud document collaboration possible in its new office software offering. Thus, all Microsoft users can edit a word document simultaneously without having to save and share the doc via email. What’s more, you can just jump onto a Skype call from within Microsoft word and outlook in this new Office suite.
  • Smart Lookup- This smart lookup feature, allows the users to spell a word correctly. The user needs to simply highlight a word or phrase correctly and select smart lookup by pressing right click. A side bar will open with search results that fit your criteria. Just like how you can add synonyms and antonyms for a word. You can a lot of information about a specific word and know how to spell it. Moreover, if you type a noun say “Kardashians” and use smart lookup, all the latest info on this family available on web will be brought to your PC screen. This is similar to Apple’s El Capitan…..isn’t it?
  • Wunderlist- This new tool in Office 2016 allows the user to create an interactive to-do-list that can be shared with family, friends, and co-workers. It can help in assigning tasks and monitor everyone’s progress at the same time. Technically speaking, Wunderlist was created in 2009, but Microsoft brought this company and then included its product features into its latest office 2016.
  • Planner- Already, this feature is much familiar to enterprise office users. A planner allows managers to create a dashboard for group tasks. Managers can assign projects, track progress and re-arrange responsibilities directly from the dashboard.
  • Sunrise Calendar- This tool allows the user to connect to applications like Facebook, Tripit, Foursquare and helps in registering a memo. This app was developed by Apple for iPhone in 2013. But in early 2015, this product was acquired by Microsoft to serve its Office 2016 users.
  • Tell Me- This feature is like a virtual assistant. If you hate formatting a document or bolding text, just take the help of ‘Tell Me’ feature and enter a text command and office will immediately locate and make a fix for you.
  • Office lens- This is really a smart Office feature, where the user can take a pic of a document to make that image change into an editable office document.
  • Delve- This is a kind of repository where you can sieve thousands of emails at a time. For instance, if you need a presentation, which one of your colleagues mailed you almost 2-3 years ago, then instead of going through all those email, you can just take the help of Delve Repository. By using this tool the user can organize each item based on subject matter, content type and date. Thus, the user can search the hub to find relevant content that applies to the work he/she is doing.
  • Inbox Clutter- This is a smart tool which works as per your intuition. For example, if you never, ever open a contact’s email, then clutter will automatically divert these messages to a separate folder where they will stay for a while. You can later access the messages in leisure from the box and move it to the inbox. In the meantime, Clutter will send you a weekly digest of all those unread emails available in the quarantine folder.

Note- And as per our sources, Office Professional 2016 is available for $400 per copy and that too for Windows OS version only. The details of MS Office 2016 for Mac OS version will be available shortly. Meanwhile, the cost of a single-license Office Home & Student 2016 edition climbed $10, from $140 to $150, a 7.1% increase. And, Office Home & Business 2016 — which adds Microsoft’s Outlook email client to the suite — also raised $10, from $220 to $230, or 4.5%.

In the meantime, Microsoft has decided to raise prices of the stand-alone licenses for its previous office 365 version working on Mac and on Windows.

In Contrast, Microsoft Office 365 requires a monthly or annual fee to continue using software. On the consumer side, customers can choose between Office 365 Personal ($70 annually, $7 monthly) and Office 365 Home ($100 per year, $10 each month), while businesses have options that range from $99 to $240 per user per year.

Now, subscribers of Office 365 can download the new Office 2016 for windows using instructions that Microsoft have provided for consumers and business.


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