Microsoft bows to Baidu in China to push its Windows 10!

Microsoft Corporation has struck a deal with China’s search engine Baidu in order to promote its free upgrade of Windows 10 in said region. In return of promoting its Windows 10, Baidu will become a default search engine within Microsoft’s Edge Browser operating in China.

It is already a known fact that Microsoft is giving its new Windows 10 as a free upgrade to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users located worldwide. But since, China is different market to every US Company, it has to bow to some obligations, if in case, it has to market its products.

As a part of business strategy, Microsoft has stuck a deal yesterday with Chinese search provider Baidu, to push Windows 10 to China’s massive consumer market. And as a part of this deal, Baidu will use its own distribution channel, including an application labeled “Windows 10 Express”, to offer consumers the official Windows 10 upgrade download with some partial tweaks.

Baidu which offers 2TB of free cloud storage space to its users will become Microsoft’s default browser in China replacing Bing.

The upgrade partnerships, boosted by yesterday’s Baidu announcement, show the lengths to which Microsoft will go to convince China’s Windows users — many who run illegal copies of the OS — to get legitimate Windows 10.

Microsoft wants its newly launched Windows 10 to function on over 1 billion devices by mid 2018. Therefore, in order to make its dream a reality, the company is willing to make some amendments to its usual firm business policies for countries like China and Russia.


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