Microsoft may offer Windows XP China users a way to go for Windows 10!

Microsoft, the Washington based software giant is all set to make some amendments to some of its operational polices in order to offer Windows XP China users a way to go for its newly released Windows 10 operating system. The Redmond Company which has clearly specified earlier that it will not offer a Windows 10 upgrade to Win XP OS users; may break this rule exclusively for Chinese populace.

Last week, the company made Baidu the default search engine on Windows 10 platform for users located all over China. Now, Microsoft is planning to work out a way to upgrade the country’s massive number of aged Windows XP PCs (included those using pirated software) to Windows 10.

Very recently, Microsoft announced the deal to promote Chinese Baidu search engine on its OS platform via a web page. In the same page, it allotted a part of the page section to questionnaire related to this deal and its work functions. One of the answers posted by Microsoft made it sound like its working with Baidu to figure out a way to upgrade all Win XP PCs to Windows 10.

As per Baidu search engine stats nearly 38% of systems that accessed its search engine services last month ran on Windows XP. Infact, this 2001 operating system was second only to Windows 7 whose share was pegged at 49.2% by Baidu. Windows 8 had just 5.6% share in china.

As per the available data from Baidu’s search engine stats, over 600 million XP users are still active in China and that would represent over 228 million PCs.

Microsoft has confirmed this news by saying that China accounted for two thirds of all IE 6 users in its latest stats. That means, the extinct Internet Explorer 6 is still being used in China.

Hence, Microsoft may decide to upgrade all those Windows XP users in China to a free op of Windows 10 in order to see out some revenue from the owners, perhaps through app sales from its Windows Store Market. If Microsoft and Baidu do come up with a solution to China’s XP problem, it might repudiate (most probably its possible) Microsoft’s assertion that it will not give pirates a free Windows 10 ride.

So, all you Windows XP users in China get ready to hear something sweet from Microsoft by this year end.



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