Axis Communications adds video analytics to its product catalog!

Axis Communications which is renowned for its security camera products on a global note has now ventured into video analytics business with Axis Guard Suite. This software suite will help in turning the network camera into smart security system, allowing a more pro-active approach to IP video surveillance.

Axis Guard Suite offers small and medium sized installations an ease to install and afford solutions for efficient surveillance well suited for commercial, industrial, and public ground, buildings and indoor areas.

Axis guard suite which works on all range of Axis network cameras and which can be easily integrated with Axis Camera station provides robust detection through video analytics directly on the camera uncompressed video stream. It is also supported by Axis false alarm filtering technology for high reliability.

Currently, Axis Guard Suite is available for three after-hour monitoring applications and they are-

  1. Axis Motion Guard- This general motion detection analytics software allows to typically identifying any motion after hours. It can be used in parking lots, construction sites etc.
  1. Axis Fence Guard- This software variant allows the user to detect attempts to climb or sabotage the fence.
  2. Axis Loitering Guard- This analytics Axis suite can be used for detecting any suspicious behavior in semi-public areas where loitering may pose a security issue.

AXIS Guard Suite is designed to be installer-friendly. The applications are downloadable from the AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP) gallery and easy to install and configure, with an intuitive user interface, contextual help and smart configuration options. A quick five-step setup wizard guides the installer through calibration, area, filters and custom profile settings (e.g. for night time, windy days, etc.)

The above three Axis Guard suites are available along with the below Axis video surveillance softwares

  • Axis Digital Auto-tracking- AXIS Digital Auto-tracking is a free application that enables fixed megapixel cameras to automatically detect, zoom in on and follow moving objects using digital PTZ. This facilitates live monitoring by helping the operator to effectively discover and handle incidents.
  • Axis Cross Line detection- AXIS Cross Line Detection is a classic trip-wire application installable on Axis network cameras and encoders. The application detects moving objects that cross a virtual line making it possible to automatically detect intrusions trigger an event.
  • Axis Video Motion Detection- AXIS Video Motion Detection is a free application for reliable motion recording, installable on Axis network cameras and encoders. The application detects moving objects within a predefined area of interest, making it possible to automatically trigger an event.

The new line of Axis Guard Suite softwares are planned to be available from 4th quarter of 2015 at a suggested retail price of USD $149 per application and camera through Axis distribution channels.

The new analytics softwares will be available in Canada and other parts of the world by this year end.


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