Cloud storage use by employees is putting UK businesses at risk!

Businesses operating across United Kingdom are struggling to catch up with employee use of cloud storage services and policies to maintain data security. This was revealed in a survey conducted by security firm WinMagic on more than 1000 office working respondents.

The survey revealed that employees are increasingly using cloud storage services such as Google Drive and OneDrive to store work files and data. This practice is said to be posing as a threat to businesses, as it exposes the data to the risk of cyber attacks and data breaches.

WinMagic survey revealed that over 41% of employees use cloud storage services at least once or twice in a week, whole 50% use personal equipment (BYOD) to access work information and services at least once in a week.

However, despite this widespread adoption by workers across the UK, just 35% of employees use a company-sanctioned service, while 43% are unaware of their employer’s policy on the use of these services and 22% said they did not even know if their company had a policy on cloud storage.

The survey also revealed a fact that out of those employees using cloud storage services atleast once in a week, one in ten have no-confidence in the security of their data, and one in twenty use cloud based services even though these services are restricted by their company.

Well, with employees using cloud storage services, an additional layer of complexity gets added while devising corporate policies and education programs for the use of cloud storage services. Employees are increasingly accessing work documents and services outside the office, particularly regular users of cloud storage, the survey showed, with 70% of employees who use cloud storage at least once a week also using work equipment at home at least once a week. The UK average is lower, at 47%.

Thus, the survey results suggest that there is a clear disparity between employee’s use of cloud services and company IT policy.

So, what’s the solution for this crisis?

Mo Tahmasebi, CEO and President of Dynamic Network Factory which offers Cloud based virtual storage and backup and disaster recovery services through the company’s wholly owned subsidiary StoneFly, Inc. suggests that businesses must increase focus on devising clearer security policies and better staff training programs to minimize the risk for the business from Cloud storage.

He added that this survey will act as a wake-up call for IT teams to focus resources on crafting stringent security policies and employee education programs about the potential dangers of cloud services that will help the business stay secure………..Hope, it does!


One thought on “Cloud storage use by employees is putting UK businesses at risk!

  1. What could remedy some of these problems is a switch to a private cloud storage system, such as or MyCloud. That said, increasing the level of data security awareness among employees should certainly be in order.

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