Dynamic Network Factory can help in modernizing IT environments in government organizations

Government organizations have a mission to serve the public and Information Technology plays a very vital role in making them do so. Dynamic Network Factory (DNF Corp) broad expertise in video surveillance, IT storage, and business processes make it an ideal service & support provider for government organizations. From highly secure networks, to inter-agency databases, and traffic monitoring & control, DNF Corp can deliver what’s needed at the best.

Over the decades, agencies application environments have evolved into complex environments, which get interrelated to combinations of commercial-off-the-shelf software and homegrown applications, along with terabytes of data to tackle. Going with a traditional approach, often a rip-and-replace mentality is usually practiced in government IT environments. However, this can prove an expensive affair in practical, if not carefully handled.

Here are five simple tips that can help IT leaders working for government agencies take a cost-efficient and incremental IT modernization path.

  • First, know what you have in place by establishing an IT and enterprise architecture governance model. This will help in consolidating IT resources and infrastructure, documentation for proper e-governance in future.
  • Go with the latest technology which works efficiently in future aspects. Even if the technology is proving a bit expensive, eventually on a long run, it will surely offer ways for a pay-back.
  • Starting small with IT investments before a target solution will prove efficient as most new technologies are great at scaling.
  • Leveraging subject matter expertise from vendors serving IT infrastructure and resources will work out efficient on true course.
  • It’s always critical to emphasize on IT environments security. Always ensure that components with high security requirements should not be combined with low-security components.

Now, for those who are in a composed state of confusion and are searching for ways to begin the IT modernization in their respective government, all you have to do is to approach Dynamic Network Factory and stay assured of quality and quantitative service as per your upgrade requirements.

To know more call 510.265.1122 or fill in the following form to have a chat with experts.


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