Yahoo donates 200 servers to Universities for free!

Yahoo touted as world’s second web services provider has recently donated over 200 servers to Howard University classified as a black university and University of Texas located at El Paso.

As per the media records, Yahoo has donated servers to Howard University for the second time and to University of Texas at El Paso for the first time. In 2013, Yahoo donates 125 servers to Howard and helped the educational institution in creating a data center.

Thus, with this donation, Yahoo wants to give students, researchers and teachers at both Universities get enhanced computing capabilities, enabling new coursework in distributed and cloud computing verticals with the processing power to pursue serious data intensive research.

With the latest developments, Howard has plans to use the servers to implement a private cloud of computing resources within the University’s Computer Science and Engineering College. Moreover, this educational institute is planning to use the servers in its course of machine learning and a newly introduced course of Big Data Analytics.

Yahoo expects that its donations will encourage students to pursue careers in computer science and technology and will also act an entry point into its premises.

It is worth noting that Yahoo is not the only big tech company which is into social service. Apple, Inc in partnership with Thurgood Marshall Fund supports students who attend historically black colleges and universities, to help them fund and attain opportunities in technology.

Hat’s off to all those companies which are indulging in such heartwarming practices!



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