Intel launches fastest data center SSDs!

Intel Corporation in early last week announced solid state drive data center family which are specifically engineered for enterprise and high-performance computing workloads. Thus, these new series of solid state drives transcend the previous Intel generation across many metrics.

Intel P3608 SSDs have two solid state drives lined-up on a single card, so that data can be moved in parallel to achieve high transfer speeds, albeit at the cost of greater power consumption.

Basically, the main difference between the latest P3608 and the previous versions of SSD from Intel is that the new drives register transfer speeds over 5GB/s and up to 850,000 random read IOPS. This is achieved with the help of Non volatile memory express dual controller architecture and a move from four lanes to eight lanes of PCle 3.0.

With a dual-controller architecture paired with multi-core Xeon processors, Intel said, the IO can be evenly distributed. Intel notes that this is also more efficient than SATA or SAS, providing more IOPS at a lower CPU utilization. The software RAID-0 load balancing is assisted by a new version of Intel’s Rapid Storage Toolkit for Enterprise.

Intel new P3608 flash cards have MLC NAND flash memory and include capacities of 1.6TB, 3.2TB and 4TB in a low profile add-in card.

Intel has officially announced that its new P3608 flash memory cards have 21.9 Petabytes written endurance rating and 1 million hours MTBF.

Intel P3608 drives cost around $2.29 cents per GB.



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