StoneFly StoneFusion Operating System benefits!

StoneFly storage appliances are powered by its patented StoneFusion Operating System which brings in block level storage intelligence to the IP network core delivering all the benefits of managed SANs. This network operating system architecture acts as a foundation to all StoneFly SAN as well as Scale out and Hyper Converged products offered by the company.

A StoneFly StoneFusion Operating System offers IP network based SAN intelligence with which existing Ethernet Network infrastructure can be used to connect the storage appliance which otherwise support iSCSI and optional FC SAN protocols. This feature helps in lowering Total Cost of Ownership by enabling customers to cost-effectively build and manage a SAN using available networking technologies.

StoneFusion Operating system of StoneFly supports corporate business continuity objectives with advanced features such as Active-Active Failover Clustering, Mirroring, data migration, and disk to disk backup and restore.

By using StoneFusion SAN storage OS, users can access storage without the need to know where the storage is located. This operating system not only helps in maximizing storage resource utilization, but also cuts down stranded storage and keeps it available on the IP Network.

StoneFusion allows administrators to consolidate backup processes for faster and more reliable backups and supports disk based backup for almost instantaneous restores.

StoneFusion offers reduction in storage administration overhead by offering centralized storage management, control and monitoring of logical storage volumes.

This OS is independent of storage device and so works with SAS, iSCSI and Fibre Channel Storage. It can also be easily configured to work with standard off-the shelf or legacy storage.

With the feature of accessing control lists, StoneFusion allows the administrators to designate physical storage devices accessible to individual hosts.

To know more technical specs call 510.265.1616 or click StoneFly StoneFusion Operating System


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