Survey says that most today’s internet and cloud services are based in the US

Synergy Research Group survey revealed that most today’s internet and cloud services are based in United States. The study analyzed the data center footprint for the world’s 13 biggest cloud and internet service firms which include those services catering to home users, social networks, e-commerce platforms, online search, SaaS and PaaS platforms.

The data is relevant for the 2015 Q2 period, and as per the research stats, these 13 companies have around 150 major data centers around the globe, with an average of 11 different data center sites per company.

According to the research, the most spread-out data center structure is in the possession of cloud service providers like AWS, IBM and Microsoft, who need to offer low latency products to clients around the globe.

Each of these three companies has over 20 data centers, with at least one in the globe’s four major regions – North America, Latin America, APAC (Asia Pacific and Australian Continent), and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa).

The top three companies are followed by Google, Oracle and Rackspace, which also have a broad data center presence in America, but in less number.

The other companies included in the study are Salesforce, Facebook, eBay, Yahoo, Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba who have data centers located in US and China.

The results obtained from Synergy Research Group survey show that US accounts for almost half of the world’s data centers with 44% share. In a distant second place we see China with a meager 10%, followed by smaller players like Australia, Japan, Singapore, and the UK, with 5%.

Thus, the survey results show us that businesses running on internet & cloud services are/were not affected by June 2013’s whistle blowing act of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.


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