IBM acquires Cleversafe to integrate into its cloud business unit!

IBM has officially announced that it’s going to buy California based storage company Cleversafe to integrate the said company’s products into its IBM Cloud Business unit i.e. Softlayer’s Object Storage Services. Cleversafe founded in 2004 is an object based storage software and appliance maker who uses algorithms to slice data into pieces and reassemble the info from a single copy. Thus, this approach cuts down the need to make multiple copies of data, which is how data storage traditionally has been one.

As per our sources, Cleversafe owns around 350 copies of patents related to storage technology and works with customers who have massive amounts of data to deal with. For instance- one of the major customers of this storage are Shutterfly and Sky.

IBM’s acquiring strategy for an undisclosed amount is clear as it wants to help its customers deal with growing amounts of unstructured multimedia data with photos, videos, and audio files, which usually require massive storage volume. Hence, the integration of Cleversafe products reveals that it wants to help its customers build a hybrid bridge to the cloud. This clearly reveals that not all workloads can translate easily to the cloud.

Cleversafe has over 200 employees and has raised more than $100 million to date.



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