Apple to dump VMware as a cost cutting resort!

Apple Inc will not renew the contract with server virtualization leader VMware in coming months. This step was taken as a cost cutting resort to save company millions of dollars.

According to a CRN report, Apple was using VMware’s ESXi internally to run its internal server infrastructure.

VMware was expecting that Apple will renew a two year contract valued $20 million in coming days.

But Apple has other ideas and so wants to refrain from renewing the contract in this year. Apple CEO Tim Cook disclosed that the growing demand in the tech industry for free, open source software is making his company think for an alternative in place of VMware.

Tim feels that with rise of smart phones and cloud computing, data centers are growing ever-larger to meet swelling demand and licensing fee like the one offered by VMware can prove as a real headache for enormous companies, who run massive data centers to do things like apps and content and push software updates.

A recent media report suggested that Apple will dump VMware and will embrace free virtualization software like KVM. The kind of software is called a ‘Hypervisor’, a way to essentially trick one server into thinking its multiple servers, allowing for higher level of efficiency.

Apple in the past has relied on free softwares like its Apache Mesos Tool to run Siri- a digital personal assistant that runs on iPhone and iPad.

Meanwhile, VMware is yet to comment on loosing out a customer like Apple in business.



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