Amazon Web Services now offers a mobile 50TB Storage Server!

Amazon Web Services (AWS) which emerged into cloud infrastructure and services in 2009 is now offering a 50TB Storage Server named ‘Snowball’. But this is a mobile storage server and can only be used to transit data from a data center to AWS cloud platform.

AWS demonstrated its Amazon Snowball at the 2015 AWS Conference in Las Vegas this week. The snowball is specifically designed for customers and businesses that need to move large amounts of data to AWS on a one-time or recurring basis. It is aimed at those customers who desire to move their data into the cloud as fast as possible.

It is a known fact that physical data transfer services have their own set of benefits, when compared to terabytes or Petabytes of data transfers to cloud platforms via a high speed internet connection.

In order to go for an AWS Snowball, one should simply make a request from the AWS Management Console and the 50TB storage server will arrive at your premises with 7 working days.

Coming to the specifications of Amazon Web Services Snowball, it is an extremely durable appliance, which provides organizations and businesses with a peace of mind that their data will be safe when they drop it off to be mailed.

AWS Snowball is weather resistant and acts as a shipping container on its own. Additionally, the Snowball of Amazon can withstand jolts of up to 6G, and is light enough for one person to carry.

Snowball of Amazon Web Services is self-contained with its 110 volt power and 10GB network connection on the back pane. It has an E-Link Display/control panel on the front to ensure the appliance is automatically sent to the correct AWS facility and can be tracked using Amazon SNS, text messages and the AWS console.

Amazon Snowball is now available with the following pricing plan-

  • Service fee of $200 is applicable with each Snowball purchase.
  • Extra Day charges – For the first 10 days of onsite usage are free and each extra onsite day is $15. That means this 50TB storage server is available on rent.
  • Data transfer charges- Data transfer from the appliance to Amazon S3 is free. Data transfer from Amazon S3 to the appliance is $0.03 per GB. This means those who are interested in transmitting data from AWS to their premises without a web connection may opt for this physical transfer service.
  • Normally, all cloud storage service platforms offer these services first started by Google Cloud storage. But with other companies, customer needs to purchase hard drives and transfer data to the cloud storage on their own expenses. That means they have to invest on the drives, IT professionals time-spend to transfer data to the mobile drives, service costs, shipping costs and data transfer charges to the cloud platform.
  • But with AWS 50TB storage server, this task merely becomes quite simple. One needs to buy the storage server, put the data on it, and ship it to the Amazon web services data center. But yeah, they need to spend on the shipping charges as well.

Amazon Web Services 50TB Storage Server will be available from this month end.

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