Qualcomm to provide an alternative to x86 server chips with ARM in cloud data centers

Qualcomm is all set to offer an alternative to x86 server chips which could rejuvenate server CPU market meant for cloud data centers. Qualcomm is working with UK based chip company ARM to become the latest vendor to build a server chip using ARM architecture.

ARM processors consume very less power and so this characteristic has made them popular in smart phones and tablets market.

Qualcomm founded in 1985 is aiming the chip at hyper-scale customers such as Facebook and Google, as well as large companies. Qualcomm feels that its ARM architectures powered processors will be suitable to be used in cloud workloads including big data mining, machine learning, and infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service offerings.

Demonstrating a pre-production 24 core chip in San Francisco on Thursday, the San Diego based company chief said that ARM chips will be different from Snapdragon and can integrate PCle, storage and other features flexibly.

Thus, with the venture of presenting ARM processors to cloud data center market, the American Global Semiconductor Company joins the long list of companies targeting the same space. AMD, Cavium, AppliedMicro, Marvell and Broadcom are already contesting in this processor market.

Qualcomm is planning to offer its own ARM processors on a commercial note by this year end.


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