Tips to remember while shopping for a backup and Disaster Recovery solution!

Backup and Disaster Recovery are turning into critical tools to survive for any data driven business. Thus, organizations without one of these solutions could find themselves in a world of trouble should a disaster occur, whether it be a natural disaster or a man made disaster.

Therefore, it becomes entirely logical for businesses to put in some time and energy towards finding a good backup and disaster recovery solution. To all those shopping for a reliable backup & disaster recovery solution, hope, this article on going forward will act as a guiding light to those shopping for a backup and disaster recovery solution for their enterprise.

1.) The foremost thing to start with will be to determine the quantities and kinds of data you need to backup and how quickly. This mind set will help out in narrowing down vendors offering this service. Here different kind of data refers to types such as files, programs, apps, operating systems, and so on. One should also be aware that there is often a tradeoff between the quantity and complexity of the data you need to backup against the speed and ease with which that backup can happen, but a good backup and DR product can help in reducing the tradeoff costs involved.

2.) Finding out how much time and how much technical expertise will be needed to set up and operate any backup and DR solution will be a second issue to consider. This will help in planning the resources widely in time.

3.) Is the backup and recovery solution future proof will be the next option to consider as no business can remain static for long? Therefore, as with any solution that you plan to keep for a while, you have to plan for not just what you need and do now, but also what you plan to need and do in the foreseeable future. A good place to start would be listing out the kinds of data, programs, and operating systems you know will need to backed-up within the lifetime of the solution, and then another list detailing those that are a possibility.

4.) The need for support will be crucial in IT environments, and can come in a lot of forms. Like if suppose a good old fashioned technical support, another support for backing up applications, support of backing up operating systems, internal and external audit assistance, and assistance with disaster recovery are some of the forms. Pick out what you will need given your available resources so you know what to ask for and compare when talking with vendors.

5.) Last but not the least will be to how much you are willing to pay. Actually, the answer to this can be more complicated than one might assume at first. For example, if you want to compromise of budget and plan to go for a solution which is not automated, then you will still need to work out the costs of the IT guy’s time and effort to do the job manually. If that IT guy demands on hourly basis, then it can make an enterprise go bankrupt. So, a complete accounting picture also needs to include the costs and risks associated with a disruptive event, which in many cases can be fatal for a business. Will the “cheaper” solution really be cheaper if it can’t back up and then restore critical types of data after a crash?

StoneFly, Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory offers Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions which hits your enterprise backup and Disaster recovery requirement bracket on a perfect note. StoneFly offers the following appliances meant for backup and disaster recovery

  1. StoneFly DR365 which is an enterprise grade appliance meant to consolidate your storage, server and backup needs into one easy to manage appliance.
  2. StoneFly Z-Series DR Backup appliance is a mid-range appliance meant for your backup needs.
  3. StoneFly M-Series DR Backup appliance is an entry level appliance meant for your backup needs.
  4. For Cloud enthusiasts, StoneFly offers StoneFly Cloud Backup Connect which is an easy and affordable way to begin storing your valuable server and workstation backups in the cloud. Compatible with any existing enterprise backup software you might be already using, StoneFly provides a backup connector to your choice of private, hybrid or public cloud.
  5. StoneFly CDR365 is a perfect online backup solution that automates data backup to secure cloud storage. The application combines easy to use interface with a powerful functionality making a disaster recovery plan simple, reliable and affordable.

To learn more call 510.265.1616 or click on Stonefly Backup and Disaster recovery appliance page


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