HP and SanDisk to develop ReRam storage class memory!

Hewlett Packard and SanDisk have joined hands to develop their own ReRam storage class memory. Both companies claim that this new memory could replace DRAM and would be 1,000 times faster than NAND Flash.

The latest HP and SanDisk partnership to develop new storage class memory is a direct response to Intel and Micron’s July’15 partnership announcement to develop 3D XPoint non-volatile memory.

The latest partnership announcement from HP and SanDisk mainly emphasizes on HP’s Memristor Intellectual Property and patents to go with SanDisk’s Non Volatile ReRAM memory technology and its manufacturing and design expertise.

Resistive Random Access Memory- shortly known as ReRAM or RRAM is based on the memory resistor concept, which is where the term memristor emanates.

NOTE- Memristor is the term created by UC Berkeley scientist Leon Chua in early 1970s.

HP is also thinking to develop data center solutions with SanDisk’s solid state drives.

HP’s new ReRAM development is expected to offer significant cost, power, density and persistence improvements over DRAM technologies. The new storage class memory and its characteristics are intended to allow systems to employ tens of terabytes of SCM per server node for applications such as in-memory databases, real-time data analytics, transactional and high performance computing.

Hope, the new chips are not expensive. Even if they are expensive, IT managers dealing with big data enterprise systems handling large workloads will love to grab them.



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