Using video surveillance footage as video evidence in court

Video Evidence gained from security surveillance cameras has catapulted in court of law these days. Today, video surveillance technology has advanced in such a way that occurrences can be viewed from various angles giving the court more evidence to work with. However, not all video footages gained from security cameras qualify the eligibility criteria.

A research reveals that United States and UK Video Surveillance methods seem to have worked as a means of preventing crime. Moreover, studies also indicated that video evidence gained from video surveillance cameras can turn into an influential tool in detecting and prosecuting crimes.

Yet, it is important to understand local laws and not to simply record any and everyone without them knowing.

Generally, a party proposing video surveillance footage in court must ascertain how the video was recorded, what influence is the recording process had on the documented video, whether the video evidence was compromised during transit to court, how reliable is the footage. Moreover, Video verification can be actualized by witnesses acquainted with the video subject matter. For instance, whoever captures the video surveillance images must prove that the images have not been tapered with under any circumstances. This can be done by using a time and date stamp on the footage.

Rules of video evidence

Certain essentials in the law of evidence must always be considered when utilizing digital video images-

  • Conservation- The obligation to correctly store and maintain memory cards and other impermanent storage gadgets on which images are documented is quite necessary.
  • Genuineness- The digitally recorded documentation is an honest and precise likeness of what the supporter of the data declared it to be.
  • Policy-There should be a structured agency policy for evidence compilation and maintenance that incorporates digital and electronic evidence such as computer data and emails.
  • Admissibility– Proving that the alleged evidence is applicable and to what degree it influences the probability of that fact. Normally, if the evidence passes the initial three-steps, admissibility is assured.

DNF Security is a leading manufacturer of dependable, mission-critical video surveillance solutions. Each DNF Security video solution is designed to handle the most complex video surveillance and physical security environments.

Thus, video evidence gained from the recording and video management systems of the said company abide all rules which make video footages completely eligible in the court of law.

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