Amazon uses Google data center photos for promotion and muddles itself in a plagiarism controversy!

Amazon Web Services had a re: invent conference in Las Vegas last week where it showed to the world the latest developments in its mammoth cloud computing platform. In one of its interactions with the media, the company head Jerry Hunter showed few photos, claiming to be the data center of Amazon Web Services.

Jerry-the vice president of Amazon Web Services Infrastructure used a picture of one of the Google’s data centers instead of his own company and gratuitously created a plagiarism controversy in the media.

The image shown to the media was actually a part of the Google search giant’s vaunted “Jupiter” Network, which supports the entire company from the inside, as pointed out in a Google+ post by Google Cloud boss Urs Holzle.

Holzle thanked Timothy Prickett Morgan- A top level executive working for Google for this discovery.

After this error was blasted on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, Amazon Web Services marketing manager Jim Sherhart, admitted that the error was a mistake committed by him, as he was the man behind the preparation of presentation.

Meanwhile, Google responded to the whole plagiarism fiasco on Google+ in the following way-

“One more reason to be certain that +Google Cloud Platform​ has the world’s best infrastructure: while bragging about their network, a competitor shows images of Google’s network. … Thanks for the acknowledgment, +Amazon Web Services! But next time please show our logo on the slide”.

Last night, Amazon marketing manager Jim Sherhart, one of the people who worked on the presentation, just commented on Hölzle’s Google+ post, suggesting that this was nothing more than an accident.

Jim added that because they have a lot of IP running in their data centers, they don’t typically show images of them in presentations. So, Jim picked what he thought was a generic stock of photo from Google Search, since it had no branding, trademark, or meta data identity. However, Jim replaced the image with a latest one from his own AWS data center in the presentation.

But Alas! The damage is done already!

A few hours ago, Holzle published on Google + that he and his company were happy that AWS, like any other company in the world was depending on their web services for their data center promotions.

However, Holzle deleted this post, after few minutes of his posting.


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