IBM and HP coming up with LTO7 which can store 15TB data for 30 years!

Tape Storage makers HP, IBM and Quantum have decided to come up with LTO Ultrium Format Generation 7 tape by early next year which can store 15TB data and has the shelf life of 30 years. The companies have decided to make LTO7 go through many changes, in security, ease of use and increase in data storage capacities.

Presently, a 3TB capacity LTO6 tape is available for a price of $23(on bulk purchase) and a 3TB HDD is available for $120. So, capacity wise LTO6 tape is much more superior to a Hard Disk. But the problem with LTO tape storage in the film industry has been that of its reliability. With 4K, 6K and 8K content on the rise, the LTO-6 tape system has become out dated, with a 6.25TB compressed capacity and a 2.5TB raw capacity.

Now, IBM and HP have announced the release of LTO-7 tape which has a 15TB compressed capacity and 6TB of raw capacity.

Similarly, LTO-6’s compressed data transfer rate is 400MB/sec or 160MB/sec raw. The latest LTO-7 tape will have 750MB/sec compressed data transfer rate.

IBM and HP are achieving the leap in storage capacities of Tape by using stronger magnetic properties, and by adding twice as many read/write heads with improved servo format to achieve a higher track density.

By 2018, IBM and HP have decided to release a 100TB capacity tape and later in 2020, they have decided to offer 150TB of tape storage.

Pretty impressive in terms of capacity………isn’t it?



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