Date Recovery is possible on Storage Devices affected by Storms!

American States located in the East Coast region are grappling with historic rainfall and flooding. And huge amount of property damage has been reported so far from these regions.

In order to give some respite to the IT field from this region, Kroll Ontrack is offering free diagnosis and an $850 flat fee for data recovery of all desktops, laptops and USBs affected by flooding along the East Coast. The company is also interested in giving a further discount to Enterprise orders and plans to extend this offer throughout November 2015.

It’s a known fact that valuable business and personal data is stored on computers and laptops, whether financial info, irreplaceable and sentimental photos and videos, music, tax forms, contact lists, and passwords. When a natural disaster like flooding strikes, it can lead to devastating data loss scenarios.

The extent of the damage caused by water flooding to digital files and information stored on the storage media will remain unknown, until power is restored and the past scenario seen before floods is brought back.

Kroll Ontrack says that a majority of digital data can be recovered from water-damaged or power affected drives with the help of data recovery software and/or services.

Kroll Ontrack recommends to all victims affected by storms to consider the following before assuming that the flooded waters have eaten away all their digital data

  • Do not shake, disassemble or attempt to clean a HDD, server or a storage device that has been damaged in floods. Remember, improper handling can make recovery operations more difficult which can lead to valuable information being lost.
  • Never try to open the water damaged storage media like a HDD and expose it to head such as a hairdryer.
  • Do not attempt to operate visibly damaged devices
  • Do not attempt to freeze the storage media, in a notion that you can just dust of the condensed ice formed from water accumulation.
  • Do not use common software utility programs on broken or water-damaged devices as this could lead to further severe damage
  • If you are dealing with large servers, make sure they have adequate air conditioning.
  • Increases in computer processor speed have resulted in more power requirements, which in turn require better cooling – especially important during the summer months. So, do keep this point in mind and plan on the cooling aspect.
  • Invest in some form of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), which uses batteries to keep computers running during power outages. UPS systems also help manage an orderly shutdown of the computer – unexpected shutdowns from power surge problems can cause data loss
  • At least once a year you should inspect your power protection devices to make sure that they are functioning properly. Most good ones will have a signal or light to tell you when they are protecting your equipment properly. Most data centers replace the power equipment immediately after the warranty period ends.
  • For mission critical data recovery, contact a data recovery professional before any attempts are made to reconfigure, reinstall or reformat by your normal IT staff or system admin.

For data recovery from your enterprise storage media, please approach Dynamic Network Factory

This above said DNF Company is in data storage industry from more than a decade and offers data recovery as a service to enterprise IT customers. DNF Corporation knows data storage like no others and also offers data recovery services through its business subsidiary DNF Professional. Their data recovery services and capabilities are among the best in the industry today.

DNF Professional is up to date on industry changes by acquiring new equipment and developing new software tools for data recovery, data repair, data forensics and data transfer services.

The company’s state of art test equipment and clean room facilities provide the service you need when you need it. The team representing DNF Professional Services can help in recovering data from any type of drivers, arrays, RAID, NAS, SAN as well as desktop hard drive data recovery, laptop data recovery, RAID data recovery and memory card data recovery.

The company also provides you with a firm quote and give you an exact time frame for recovering your data.

So, what are you waiting for? Call 510.265.1122 or click DNF Professional Services web page.



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