Reasons you need a solid backup and disaster recovery plan

Data Intensive businesses irrespective of their size need to have a solid backup and disaster recovery plan in order to keep their data safe, secure and to ensure that their business is enriched with data continuity.

International Data Corporation(IDC) numbers suggest that 90% of companies who lose data due to disaster have to shut down within two years. The survival rate for companies who fail to obtain a recovery plan is less than 10% and only 44% of businesses recovery information after a data recovery event.

Additionally, IDC also disclosed in its survey that over 53% of claimants never recover the losses incurred by a disaster.

There are many reasons for storage system failures which can lead to a serious data compromise. So, with this post, we will try to present the top reasons which are needed for solid backup and disaster recovery planning.

Hardware and system failures- Every machine in the world will have a specific life period and at some point of time it breaks down seriously. But due to such hardware and system failures, important data can stay out of reach of employees, preventing them for being able to assist customers or close new deals. In such scenarios, unprotected data can make a bad situation much worse because of the time it will take to get the hardware/systems repaired and to re-create or recover lost data.

But if you have a storage environment which has a backup and recovery efficiency, then you don’t have to worry about losing valuable files from system failures.

User errors- In most cases of data loss and data breach, human errors are identified as a leading cause. Sometimes the errors caused by humans are accidental and in some rare cases they are caused due to vengeance.

When you have a data protection plan set in place, small human errors won’t matter anymore. Your data will be protected, as it should be.

Natural disasters- No one in this world can save themselves from the wrath of Mother Nature like floods, earthquakes, fire and Tsunamis. But the only thing we humans are capable off is to save ourselves from the severe impact. Having a plan to protect data is just as important as having disaster insurance for your company. You can’t keep your files secure during a natural disaster if there’s no safe place to store them.

Developing a plan to protect data will literally protect the business you’ve worked so hard to build. Understanding the common sources of data loss, above, can help you minimize the effects of data loss if and when you are impacted.

StoneFly, Inc offers data storage appliances which can help in consolidating all you’re your server, storage and backup system needs into one easy to manage appliance with a central management console for handling all backup operations. Thus, if you want to start fresh with a complete computing and backup disaster recovery plan for your enterprise, StoneFly DR365 series of “Disaster Recovery Site in a box” can serve you better. You just need to invest in this one single appliance and can become worry free. Backups of both physical and virtual systems can be automatically converted into Virtual Machines that can easily be spun up for testing or even production use directly on the DR365 while your physical system is repaired.

If you already have a storage environment in place and would like to go for a backup and recovery, then StoneFly Z-series and M-series of appliances will server you better. StoneFly’s new Z-Series provides you with a total backup solution for all of your physical and virtual servers and workstations in a single box. Manage all of your backup operations for your datacenter or office with a single central management console.

Cloud Computing is now a fad as it saves a lot of IT investments for an organizations. Cloud storage-a part of cloud computing, helps organizations to store data at more than one place. This ensures 100% availability and keeps data flowing ensuring data continuity. StoneFly Cloud Backup Connect helps an enterprise to achieve an easy and affordable way to begin storing valuable server and workstation backups in the cloud. And StoneFly Cloud Disaster Recovery Service is a perfect online backup solution that automates data backup to secure cloud storage. The application combines easy to use interface with a powerful functionality making a disaster recovery plan simple, reliable and affordable.

So, what are you waiting for? Just call 510.265.1616 to know more


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