YouTube to become paid service soon!

Google which is now recognized as a business unit of ALPHABET is all set to make its YouTube services premium in coming days. The official announcement will be made by Google on October 21st, 2015.

Initially, the company is planning to offer only few videos for a premium and then will shift the rest of the content to the paid service platform. As per our sources, the whole of Youtube will go premium by 3Q of 2016.

YouTube Storage and Networking costs are increasing day by day and sharing the ad revenue with users seems to be not working for the internet juggernaut anymore.

As per Youtube stats of 2012, 1 hour of video is being uploaded every second, so 2.4 GB of video is uploaded every second.

  • 86400 seconds/day = 207.36 TB / day
  • 365 days/year = 75.686 PB / year

So there you go. Approximately 76 PB of video data is stored in Youtube every year.

Note- From February 2014, Youtube is offering HD content and also 4K video content viewing on its platform. So, imagine, how much storage capacity will all this content consume in coming days.

Coming to the networking part-

Let’s assume that 40 MB of video is being watched by a user and that too only 75% of the streamed video is viewed by him/her–Because that’s what we normally do- stream an entire movie and just watch only the action or the sensational part, avoiding the conversation part of the actors.

  • 40MB*0.75= 30 MB for 4 minutes of video
  • 30 MB / 4 minutes * 60 min = 450 MB / hour

That accounts to over 3 billion hours of video are watched each month of Youtube. That is:

  • 100 million hours a day = 450MB / hour * 100M = 45 PB/day
  • Per month = 45 PB * 30 = 1350 PB = 1.35 EB
  • Per year = 1.35 EB * 12 = 16.2 EB (Exabytes)

So, 16.2 Exabytes per year are sent through Youtube alone according to just vague calculations.

In 2013, Youtube released its stats and said that over 4 billion videos are viewed a day and over 3 billion hours of videos are watched each month on YouTube.

Therefore, just imagine how much the web giant is investing to make its users happy.

(Of course- It is also minting money through its ad revenues as well)

As of now, reports pour in that YouTube will charge consumers around $10 a month for a bundle of YouTube’s vast sea of video content and music. It is also planning to make the site filled with less ads and more content.

In future, the company can pick up some best used keywords related to technology, media& entertainment and sports and will offer the content related to those keywords available to only premium users.

If that turns into truth, internet users will start moving to other sites like DailyMotion where content is free to view and post.

In the internet world- services, applications, software’s click when they are being offered for free. The day they get dearer, people will start looking for alternatives.

Hope, YouTube understands this basic internet usage sense!

Recently, Google gave a snippet of its user base by revealing that its Youtube has over 2.2 million of kids watching over 4 hours of video a month in UK alone, as per its 2013 estimate.

Thus, Google is also planning to offer a special Google search engine for kids where search results will be isolated from A-content.

More details will be published at the end of this week!


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