Obama administration halts new PC Laptops and IT gear purchase across all US federal agencies!

Barack Obama administrative department has put a halt on new PC, Laptops, servers, storage and networking equipment purchase across all US federal agencies till next year. The White House office management is hoping to patch up a broken ordering system by blocking all purchase orders made from September this year( yet to be confirmed)

The White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has temporarily put a hold on new desktops and notebooks while it sorts through what it says are thousands of new system orders every year. The OMB revealed in its latest media interaction that because agencies lack a standardized way to order, maintain, and replace their IT infrastructure, officials are forced to seek out their own contracts and purchase orders to get new IT gear. The lack of standards are forcing the head of federal agencies to purchase high end equipment for even low-end computing jobs and this is where the investments are going haywire.

“There is no need for thousands of contracts to purchase common laptops and desktops”, said the OMB in its order late last week. Therefore, OMB is prohibiting agencies from issuing any new solicitations and directing civilian agencies to transition their expenses for laptops and desktops to three existing best value government-wide acquisition vehicles.

While the new PC purchases are put on hold, OMB said it would ask a group of experts selected by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to develop a way to reduce the number of contracts and purchase orders agencies hand out and figure out best practices for cutting the costs of new PC purchases.

The team will also seek to develop templates for standard notebook and desktop PC configurations that meet the needs of most federal employees. Those systems could then, in theory, be ordered in bulk from a single supplier.

The hope is that a new purchasing plan will create a standard system and set of guidelines that agencies will be required to follow when they wish to cycle out their current PCs in favor of newer models.


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