YouTube starts RED service in United States!

Google YouTube will launch a $9.99 ad-free RED subscription service that will include music, original movies and TV shows fronted by PewDiePie and other stars. This service will be available across varied platforms except YouTube Kids App.

Google RED is built on a platform of Google’s existing music streaming service providing ad free access to Youtube programming, along with features such as the ability to download videos to mobile devices and have music playing in the background while using other mobile apps.

All the present subscribers of $10 a month Google Play Music service will also get access to Red.

Internet content lovers are gradually developing an appetite of viewing ad-free content. For this reason, ad-blocking software has become popular on personal computers, and Apple’s iOS 9 operating system update also allowed ad-blocker apps to run on its mobile safari browser for the first time.

Yet content providers are finding a way to make money from eliminating ads, too. The main revenue source of such content providers will be from the subscription and other sources.

YouTube RED is a part of Google, a division of the newly created holding company Alphabet.



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