China to send notices to US Cloud Storage providers soon!

Cloud storage is becoming a major hit among PC users worldwide, as it allows storing gigabytes of content without eating into the limited local hard drive space. This is especially true in China, where free cloud storage options are astonishing. Baidu offers 2 TB of cloud storage for free and Tencent offers 10TB cloud storage for free.

Thus, with high storage capacities available through cloud, Chinese computing users are always busy in uploading varied content. This also leads to pirated content storage on public platform.

The National Copyright Administration (NCA) on receiving tons of complaints has told cloud storage companies to stop users from storing pirated products on their platforms, starting immediately. This includes pirated softwares, music, videos, project data and other sensitive data as well.

On October 14, 2015, the NCA completed the job to send notices to cloud storage firms, through which it clearly mentioned that companies must put technologies in place to prevent users from uploading, storing and sharing pirated products on their platforms.

The notice also mentioned that companies were also required to set up hotlines to handle complaints about the presence of pirated materials. The copyright watchdog said the firms must take down pirated content within 24 hours of a complaint, and stop serving clients who commit copyright violations.

Till date, data storage companies were only responsible for deleting pirated content after a complaint was received. If companies failed to act on the complaint, they faced a legal trial and had to pay compensation for the delay in removing the pirated content or for showing a blind eye on the complaint.

For instance, Baidu Inc. was sued in March by entertainment company China Film Co. Ltd. for having pirated videos of its film Wolf Totem on its cloud storage platform. Since, the former failed to act in time over the complaint, a million dollar lawsuit was slapped against it which is still awaiting a legal conclusion.

The National Copyright Administration (NCA) in China is also aware of the fact that cloud storage users in China may migrate to other international cloud storage platforms like Google and OneDrive to store pirated content, when the laws in the region are made harsh.

For this reason, the NCA of china is also going to send notices soon to all the top cloud storage companies operating in and around USA and will clearly mention to stop the circulation of pirated content on its respective platforms by Chinese cloud storage users. All this will be done as per the laws of the new cyber security draft made by China and USA in July this year.

However, an employee from Baidu said the industry might face challenges in following the government’s order because it was difficult to find and delete pirated materials. Moreover, she feels that it will also add to companies’ costs. The same employee also feels that it is impossible to dictate cloud storage firms operating in other regions of the world with this new government order.

That’s a valid point indeed!



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