Apple CEO lashes out at NSA internet surveillance!

Apple CEO Tim Cook lashed out at NSA’s ongoing internet surveillance in the name of National security. Cook made comments against the governments PRISM project at the Wall Street Journal Digital Live Technology Conference held at Laguna Beach, California. And that too, cook spoke within hours of NSA director Admiral Michael Rogers appeared on the very same stage.

Cook was asked about his stance of privacy and his words were as follows – “We’ve said that no back door is a must, and we’ve said that encryption is a must”. Cook further strengthened his comment by arguing that if the government is able to exploit back doors, then cyber criminals and other malicious parties will also be able to crack them and take advantage of having access to the data.

Speaking in a previous session at the WSJ conference, NSA director Admiral Michael Rogers argued that “strong encryption is in our nation’s best interests”. “Security, encryption: good. The ability to generate insights as to criminal behavior and threats to our nation’s security, also good,” he said.

However, Cook argued that privacy and security doesn’t have to be a matter of either-or – rather both can coexist. He added that “nobody should have to decide between privacy and security. We should be smart enough to do both”.

Rogers argued that the ability for the government to examine users’ web communications was necessary: “It’s only a matter of time I believe until someone does something destructive,” he said, arguing that ISIS could use cyber attacks as a “weapons system”.

Roger warned the entire US populace of a massive cyber attack due at the end of this year and specified that the federal is taking all necessary steps to uproot this menace once and for all. He added that to achieve best the support of the populace is also highly necessary in this issue and that is what NSA’s PRISM was doing.


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