Does WD buying SanDisk signal hard disk business is at risk?

Western Digital has officially announced last week that it is going to buy flash maker SanDisk for $19 billion in cash and stock by next year end. Both the companies were formerly known as official partners and were offering hybrid hard disk tucked with a small amount of SSD capacity to the storage market.

But now, Western Digital which is a hard drive maker is all set to acquire SanDisk in order to put flash making business profits under its belt.

The day this news erupted through various media sources, there is a strong buzz going in the data storage media that Western digital is worried about the future of its hard drive business and so is peeping into flash business to become a big player in future.

But few storage market analysts feel that this is not the exact motive of WD in buying SanDisk.

Mo Tahmasebi, CEO and President of DNF Corporation which offers data storage appliances for NAS, SAN and backup and disaster recovery applications feels that the real motive of Western Digital buying SanDisk is to expand its wings on an absolute note in the business of data storage.

Mr. Mo feels that flash and disk will have proportionate market share in future and so to keep its name flourishing in both markets, Western Digital has decided to invest a bit amount of $19 billion in SanDisk Corporation.

He rubbished the rumors spread by a certain section of media (twitter) that Western Digital was buying SanDisk since it was feeling nervous about the future of disk market getting overshadowed with flash market.

“When disk arrived, tape business was reported being under threat. But still the latter exists, even with the arrival of more superior SSD or solid state drives”, said Mo Tahmasebi. He added that the future of all three storage media will stay safe, provided they are being offered as per the customer and market demands.

And that’s a fact concurred by most of the senior storage analysts located worldwide.



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