Buy Dell Optiplex 755 Ultra Small for just $47!

Are you starting a new business or planning to get into some online sales from home. If so, then you will surely need a desktop for all your computing needs. Investment is key when starting small and so going for an expensive computing device like a high end laptop or a tablet can prove as a juvenile approach.

This is where opting for a used desktop can prove helpful and that too which is available for a low price.

OnSaleGuru which sells used electronic goods is offering Dell Optiplex 755 Ultra small form factor for jus4 $47. This computing CPU has Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 processor which runs with 2.66 GHZ and has a 2GB DDR2 memory. The hard disk capacity in this CPU is 250GB and 2 units are available with this specification.

Although, it doesn’t include any operating system, you can used a Linux open source or a XP or vista (even a crack version) on this PC and fulfill your PC needs.

You can just connect this CPU to a LED TV of yours through a VGA cable and enjoy the output display.

You can use a DVD drive for all software uploads and downloads.

This machine has audio jacks and USB ports which help in connecting external mouse, pen drives, external keyboards.

To know more please click on the following link Dell Optiplex 755



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