Oracle challenges data breaches and cyber security in Cloud with M7 SPARC processor

Oracle chairman Larry Ellison told the OpenWorld audience on October 28, 2015 that his company’s latest M7 SPARC processor has the potential to challenge the constant threat of data breaches and cyber security. The company is trying to directly counter Amazon’s cloud security with “always on” feature with its M7 SPARC silicon chips.

Larry is the first man to decry on the state of security of cloud. But at the same time he also took the stage to tout Oracle’s answer to the intractable problem of computer and data security with Oracle’s latest m7 Sparc processor.

Ellison mentioned the latest data center breaches such as Heartbleed transport layer security bug and Venom driver flaw in his media briefing and said that these cyber attacks would have never happened if the compromised systems were powered by M7 Sparc.

The Oracle chairman also took the opportunity to introduce another major cloud initiative that has security twist and that is the dedicated computer feature that’s built into Oracle Elastic Compute Cloud. It is a direct call towards Amazon web services that Ellison said will cost half as much and offer what customers demand on security point of view and that too at a lower price.

In addition to the lower price the Dedicated Compute infrastructure as a service doesn’t co-mingle files from different customers in the same cloud environment. Amazon and other cloud providers have security and management systems in place to keep customer data sets separate. But this leads to the market perception that sharing that cloud environment makes it less secure.

“You can reserve 100 cores and it’s yours no one else can access those flash drives. We do not mingle data,” said Ellison.

Industry analyst O Donnell- Chief Analyst at Techanalysis Research who attended the conference said that the new M7 Sparc offering from Oracle will encourage those people in embracing it who are looking for alternatives to Amazon.

Hope, it does!



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