Seagate announces first 8TB video surveillance hard disk drive for $385!

Seagate announced its first 8TB video surveillance hard drive for $385 at the China Public Security Expo this week. The company claims that its new drive is capable of storing over 800 hours of High-Definition video content captured from 64 cameras at the same time.

It is a known fact that hard disks used in video surveillance data recording and storage appliances such as DVRs, NVR, Video Management System, Video Storage, NAS and SAN appliances couldn’t handle some of the enormous data-write requirements seen in today’s video surveillance environments. Also these drives tend to get overheated in server closets and vibration from nearby cooling fans, which could affect the drive’s R/W heads.

But the new Seagate 3.5 inches 8TB drive uses lower power to operate and has rotational sensors that can dampen vibration when used in networked recording systems with multiple drives. These features are required in the rapidly growing, multibay NVRs.

In 3Q 2014, Seagate started to ship the worlds first 8TB hard drive meant for data center applications- mainly for archival needs. It used shingled magnetic recording (SMR) to increase its capacity beyond the previous 4TB limit.

Now, the company is offering 8TB drives with 6Gbps SATA interface which can store lots and lots of videos on their disc platters.

Seagate has also promised to offer a 12TB HDD in 2017 and a 16TB HDD by 2019. It also revealed in 2014 that it is planning to create a 20TB drive by 2020 with the help of SMR technology.

A Seagate 8TB surveillance drive uses the SMR technology to achieve its density through six platters 1.3TB and also offers 240 MBPS throughput. Note- a HD camera stream is around 5MBPS.

Seagate also specified in its media interaction that it’s new 8TB HDD can sustain up to 550TB of data written to it per year. This means, data can be re-written overtime and time again without drive failure.

Seagate is also offering a 4TB drive with same specs meant for video surveillance applications.

The new Seagate 8TB drive consumes 9 watts of power, whereas the enterprise version consumes 10 watts of power.

The new Seagate 4TB drive uses 6 watts of power. The Surveillance HDD line comes with a three-year warranty, which includes Seagate’s “Rescue Service”——a data recovery service to restore data in the event of a drive failure or destruction due to accidental damage or computer viruses or hardware failure.


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