Benefits of using a clustered storage!

Distributed enterprise applications can greatly benefit from the concept of clustered storage. As number of users increase, performance would be affected in a negative way. By going for a clustered storage, load of increasing users can be balanced on all nodes of clusters in order to gain high performance levels.

By doing so, the combined resources of all the nodes of a cluster would greatly boost the performance, as well as allow flexible scalability. In this arrangement, if one node expires, another node can take the computing responsible without letting the users to know the affect of the expired node. Therefore, efficient recovery from any sort of malfunction is possible.

Consequently, users can observe reduced downtime, easy network management and power efficiency.

So, for applications which require over 1K request at a given instance, doesn’t matter if they are running on Windows or Linux environment, a single storage won’t be enough. They need to have a copy of the same application on multiple boxes to share the loads. This makes the application be always available to users.

StoneFly offers clustered storage appliances which are powered by StoneFly’s patented network operating system intelligence of StoneFusion.

StoneFusion active/active failover clustering technology enables Storage Concentrators to be deployed in mission critical environments. With seamless field-tested failover technology and load-balancing, Storage Concentrator Clusters increase availability and performance cost effectively, serving as the backbone of a SAN with no single point of failure.

StoneFly’s Voyager DX and Voyager FC plus series of SAN appliances are the fourth generation of StoneFly Voyager series of highly available cluster appliances. The Voyager’s high-performance storage subsystems offer redundant, active-active connectivity for appliance redundancy, business continuity and increased system performance. Voyager SAN Clusters offer full RAID protection and requires no down time for storage expansion. Its architecture enables customers to start smaller and then expand to up to 1440 drives via cost-effective expansion arrays and expansion units. For added flexibility, configurations can be mixed and matched according to customer need with any combinations of near-line 7200RPM SAS, enterprise 10k or 15k SAS, and SSD drives. The Voyager FC Plus SAN Cluster supports nearly unlimited storage capabilities when combined with Fibre Channel switches.

StoneFly’s Flash Voyager DX Series of SAN Appliances is the fifth generation of the StoneFly Voyager series of high-availability cluster appliances. It offers enhanced performance, redundancy, scalability, and availability. Voyager’s scalable architecture brings the flexibility to start small, and scale up to 200 Terabytes of all flash-based iSCSI and optional Fibre Channel SAN storage or over a Petabytes of tiered (SSD and SAS) storage.


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