StoneFly offers cloud business continuity for free!

StoneFly, Inc, a wholly owned business subsidiary of DNF Corporation is offering cloud based business continuity service to all its customers. So, to those who are purchasing the NAS and SAN storage appliances will get the cloud based backup and disaster recovery services for free.

In order to keep data flowing during the time of natural or man made disasters, data should be kept at more than one place. But usually, most enterprises have only one data center and that is their server room.

And if you need to maintain data backup and ensure Disaster Recovery with 99.999% uptime you need to shell out more on storing data at more than one place like a cloud. This adds to your operational costs and increases your IT budget needs.

But if you buy StoneFly IP SAN appliances, the user gets advanced business continuity features, including asynchronous remote replication, snapshots, data deduplication and volume encryption, ideal for protecting mission-critical information and that to at no extra charge

StoneFly Cloud Business Center (CBC™) hosting empowers organizations to fully utilize StoneFly backup and disaster recovery features, enabling organizations large and small to implement offsite backup without any expense with remote iSCSI, remote replication, remote backup, and collocation solutions.

To know more call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly Cloud Business Continuity web page


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