Video Surveillance benefits in prisons!

Video Surveillance systems help in providing effective security in prisons, as they help in curbing inmate violence, drug use, and officer misconduct. Nowadays, advanced video surveillance technology options are helping to increase the level of comprehensive monitoring to heighten the safety of inmates and workers.

By deploying surveillance equipment the following things are achieved

  • Improved visual coverage- It is a fact that guards and officers cannot be omnipresent everywhere in the prison facility. This is where security cameras help in improving visual coverage to an entire facility.
  • Monitoring inmate activity- Due to the presence of security cameras, security officers will get the help in spotting suspicious inmate activity, and can prevent prison incidents from getting out of hand.
  • Video evidence plays crucial role- Video evidence at times plays an important role in investigations and archives help in doing so. Archived surveillance footage is an extremely valuable resource for investigations of prison incidents.
  • Reduces the frequency of assaults- In prisons and correctional facilities, tension is high, and fights are inevitable. Security cameras work to deter such behavior and also help in analyzing incidents of violence.
  • Prevents drug smuggling- Video Surveillance systems help in preventing inmates from smuggling drugs into the facility from the outside.
  • Prevents officers rude behavior- In every prison facility, complaints against officers is common. But out of the said, only 22% of them prove to be true. By installing security surveillance cameras video evidence of officers’ misconduct can be gathered.
  • Remote video monitoring With a networked digital surveillance system, users can access the footage remotely over the internet. Authorized users are able to view multiple camera feeds from their personal computers, rather than a lone monitoring room within the prison or correctional facility.

Video surveillance set-up advice in prison environments

    1. Security cameras should be installed in all common areas, such as dining and recreational areas
    2. Monitoring should be carried out in hallways, corridors, stairwells, and other areas where inmates are escorted
    3. One should deploy cameras in booking and identification areas
    4. One should ensure to continuously monitor all cell block activity
    5. Always make sure that prison yards are monitored
    6. Install video cameras at all entrances and exits to the facility and independent cell blocks
    7. Always make sure that video management system are loaded with video analytics software as they help in serving more with the available resources
    8. Installing High definition cameras makes sense, as they help in identifying subjects and objects under all circumstances easy.

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