Windows 10 upgrade to become mandatory next year!

Microsoft is planning to make the free Windows 10 upgrade mandatory on Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 laptops early next year. As per Forbes latest update on the worlds leading software maker, the company is in plans to make the upgrade process default for all Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 users from February next year.

Another tech sources reveals that the free upgrade will imply to all those who haven’t changed their “Windows Upgrade” settings from automated to customized state.

Microsoft is also going to offer a 30 day downgrade option to all those who have upgraded to the new platform. If you feel that the new Win 10 OS is not made for you or is cribbing your day to online activities like not supporting your applications, then you can have an easy way to downgrade to the previous OS within 40 minutes.

Note 1- Please keep a backup copy of all your PC data before upgrading or downgrading to/from Windows 10.

Note 2- Also uninstall your current MS office software from the PC and after the upgrade or downgrade re-install it. Otherwise, your office software will start giving troubles, which already a number of users have experienced and have reported to our blog.

Microsoft is also giving an opportunity to those who are using pirated versions of its Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8/8.1 Operating system versions. They can purchase the software and then load it on their respective PCs. All they have to do is go to Microsoft Windows OS website, contact the support team and then pick up Windows 10 OS option, Pay the price in international currency or whatever is available on the website showing in your region and download the OS. You can follow the instruction code and then load the new OS.

Till date, Microsoft has succeeded in making its Windows 10 operating system available on 132 million devices. Though the count is huge, the user share market graph is diminishing slowly for reasons. This is due to the fact that users are either not yet fully confident over the free upgrade or are worried about all the concerns posted online which includes lack of application support.

So, to those who are still in a dilemma of upgrading to Windows 10? Here’s a catch.

Windows 10 is slicker than Windows 7 and is more intuitive than Windows 8. But after going through the facts of its features, it is also notoriously invasive and controlling, taking an iron grip on what it installs on the user’s PC and keeping a track of the entire activity from then on.

And most importantly, Windows 10 is intelligent enough to catch hold of all the wrong doers on the web which includes sensing those who are into cyber crime, terrorist activities, users using web to take vengeance, fake impersonators on social media and such. This clearly means that anything and everything you do on the PC via Windows 10 will be available as a snapshot on the Microsoft server.

Beware guys!


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