Dell accepts the risk behind EMC purchase and taunts HP!

Michael Dell, founder of world’s leading Computer Company DELL has accepted the fact that there was risk involved in EMC purchase. But at the same time, he admitted at the Web Summit Conference that he is excited to take on risk- taunting HP CEO MS Whitman on her recent remarks on “Dell’s $67 billion purchase of EMC”.

A few days ago, HP CEO Meg Whitman taunted Dell that its EMC purchase was only to destroy EMC’s business unit VMware’s global market share.

At the recently held Web Summit Conference, Dell not only cleared the air that he wanted to take risk in business, but also disclosed the fact that he/his company doesn’t want to ruin VMware’s career.

Michael Dell simply questioned one of the conference attendees by saying that “Why would he or his company intend to ruin the business of VMware, when it is a part of his brand from now on. He also spoke sweet about the worlds leading virtualization software maker by saying that Dell will strive in putting VMware at the number one position forever, hinting at Microsoft Hyper V short term celebration.

Dell disclosed that it still leads the PC market, despite Lenovo recent claims and said that Dell had 1.8 billion PCs running around with its brand name.


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