Microsoft cuts OneDrive cloud storage from unlimited to 1TB!

Microsoft has ended its unlimited OneDrive cloud storage offer to some of its Office 365 users and has instead capped the storage limit to 1TB. The company said that this new policy applies to only some users, who used the unlimited cloud storage offer and backed up numerous PCs and stored entire movie collections and DVR recordings, amounting to 75TB per user or 14,000 times the average services provided by a cloud storage company.

Microsoft in October 2014 announced free unlimited cloud storage to its Office 365 subscribers, both consumers and business.

But as expected, some users started to abuse the service by storing data more than 50TB limit. So, Microsoft has decided to take stringent action against these guys, by capping their storage limit to 1TB, which will take affect immediately. All that data beyond 1TB will be charged as per the company norms.

So, all those users who have misused the service are now left with the choice of either moving the data or deleting it.

Note- Microsoft is planning to cap its Unlimited cloud storage offering to 1TB to all its Office 365 users in coming days, after this incident.

But still an official word is awaited!



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