Dell to tackle handle debt of buying EMC by selling off its assets!

Dell Inc might think to sell around $10 billion in non-core assets, including its software services, in order to tackle the debt incurred by buying EMC. Last month, this year, Dell made it official that it is planning to take the risk of buying EMC for $67 billion and the deal is expected to close in may 2016.

Now, the company has communicated the plan to credit rating agencies that it intends to ease off some of its assets in order to financially handle the burden of debt during the first 18 to 24 months of acquiring EMC to achieve an investment grade credit rating.

Dell is planning to sell its business unit Quest software, which helps with IT management; Sonic Wall- an email encryption and data security provider; backup solutions unit AppAssure and Perot Systems which offers a different set of IT services.

In a recent press release, Reuters announced that Dell will retain its server business and will show some innovation through it in future, to compete more effectively with the likes of Cisco Systems Inc. and IBM business.



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