Now Google Processors will influence Android Phone market!

Google, the internet juggernaut is planning to follow the footsteps of its Apple counterpart and is intending to release android loaded phones with its own processor chips. Thus, by doing so, Google wants to bring uniformity to the android platform and help its flagships better compete with Apple iPhones.

Google believes that, if it has its own processors, its OS updates can be seeded faster to devices and also it will be easier to enable future additions to every other Android smart phone.

At a recent event held on October 29, 2015, Google not only released a new Android OS called Marshmallow on an official note, but also broke the news of developing its new processors to the smart phone industry.

Currently, Google’s Android Operating Systems supports Qualcomm, MediaTek, ARM, Snapdragon, Exynos and Nvidia processor chips.

But in coming days, Google wants to keep a control on both hardware and software of its smart phones like Apple doing with its iOS 9 and its new iPhone range. So, it is approaching chip makers like Qualcomm and Samsung, to release silicon wafers with its own brand name and likes.

Will it succeed is the next big question?


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