Solar Storms become a threat to communication and power systems

Solar Storms which are termed to be potentially dangerous to communication and power systems all around the world are giving jitters to federal government. The National Science and Technology council has recently released the National Space Weather Action Plan–a road map to shield electric power systems, satellites, telecommunications, navigation, aircraft, space launches and International Space station from solar flares.

However, the council is still aren’t sure whether their preparatory program is enough to tackle the wrath of Mother Nature. The council devised this program to protect, mitigate, respond to and recovers from the potentially devastating effects of space weather and is a combination of national, scientific, and homeland security efforts.

Solar flares or technically and scientifically termed as Coronal Mass Ejections are nothing but continually spewing massive clouds of hot, electrically charged gas from Sun. These flares disperse in the space and the particles also rush towards earth. When these flares get near to earth’s atmosphere, they can cause severe damage to earth’s magnetic field and can hit services like communications, navigation, aircrafts, Satellites, space crafts launch, Radio signals GPS, and so on.

So, eventually these solar flares can not only shut down mobile and high frequency communications used by the military and airlines all around the world, but can also cause severe damage at the place where they strike. It’s like hot ball like particles hitting earth.

In the past several years, solar flares have caused radio blackouts and affected navigation systems. In 2012, one major solar flare caused Delta Airlines and United Airlines to divert flights that normally travel over the North and South Poles, as well as some high-altitude routes. That same solar storm knocked out communications to the South Pole for about two days.

The US government wants to ensure that space storms cause minimum damage from now on. And for this reason they have released the National Space Weather Action Plan. The plan is devised in such a way that it not only helps the fed, but can also help other nations, who are looking out for ways to tackle space storms hitting their networks and systems.

What’s more astonishing is that the solar radiation propelled flares have the potential to shut down the entire power and communication systems for almost 200 years, as the electro magnetic field will get neutralized. So, this space disturbance can also leave us at risk from skin cancer, as the magnetic shield defends us against harmful UV rays by keeping the ozone layer intact.

Some doom-mongers have predicted that a swap of the magnetic poles from north to south would shift the continents so fiercely that it would trigger mass earthquakes, rapid climate change, extinctions and global destruction. Geologists have said that the shift event has earlier happened a number of times in Earth’s history – with the last one 780,000 years ago during the Stone Age.

So, get ready to face solar storms guys!


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