Oracle database users face a December 1 deadline!

Enterprises using standard edition of Oracle database software are facing a deadline of December 1st, 2015. After the said date, Oracle will stop selling its Database Standard Edition and Standard Edition 1 products; meaning customers using these editions will not be able to buy new licenses or upgrade to new Standard edition of oracle database.

The only option left to these customers is to upgrade to standard edition 2(SE2) or the Oracle database enterprise edition. This step will add more agony, as the Standard Edition 2 comes with greater limitations than the previous versions, and there is a high probability of buying new hardware to work with SE2.

All this leads to a point where a strategic decision has to be made while upgrading to SE2, as the investment on new hardware will also add to the upgrade budget.

But the good point is that Oracle is planning to support all the databases using SE and SE1 till next year by offering support resources for a premium before December 1st, 2015. After the said date, the chances of negotiating support will diminish further.

So, better have a strategy on hand guys, before it’s too late. Either go for Oracle’s extended support or invest in new storage hardware which offers scalability and most importantly avoids vendor lock-in.


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