Seagate gifts 1PB capacity Kinetic drives to California University’s Genomic Research!

Seagate has gifted around 1 Petabytes of storage in the form of Kinetic Drives to the University of California’s genomic research. Kinetic Drives from Seagate have direct access over the Ethernet, and offer an object storage style PUT and GET Interface.

Cupertino based Seagate’s gift is to provide the basis for a major research program on storage of genomic data. It will also promise a bouquet of benefits which includes savings on hardware and software complexity compared with existing disk IO stacks.  This will help in offering a storage ecosystem for application developers writing software related to genomic data.

The world renowned storage media maker is working with Europe’s atom splitting CERN facility. The company’s Kinetic Open Storage Project is also being supported by Toshiba, Western Digital, Cisco, Cleversafe, Dell, Digital Sense, NetApp, Red Hat and Scality.

Seagate’s aim with Kinetic Open Storage Project is to promote object storage on disk drives.

But the Kinetic drives can’t be used in traditional drive arrays and require system/application software additions to manage data writing and reading instead of existing disk drive IO access software stacks.

The University of California- Santa Cruz will use the K-drives to explore ways of organizing access to large-scale genomic data, using object stores and proposed open-source standards (APIs) for genomic data being developed by the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health.

However, it will also look at other ways of using its bunch of K-drives for big data needs.


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