Benefits of License Plate Recognition technology

License Plate Recognition Technology is being used all around the world for surveillance applications. The technology is being used to identify and record license plate numbers under most ordinary driving conditions and offers advantages in law enforcement, security and vehicle access.

License Plate Technology is being used in the following cases-

Secure & gated Entrances- For those who need their entrance fully secured, LPR can offer a good benefit. Vehicles which are permitted to enter the premises can be identified with the help of license plate recognition system and thus makes the work of security personnel easy.

For traffic enforcement- LPR acts as an added advantage for traffic enforcement scenarios. For instance, a LPR device can be put at an intersection and record the License Plate of a car that runs a red light. Based on this image, a citation can be sent to the registered owner of the car. Mishaps due to vehicle speeding can also be curbed with the help of LPR.

Law enforcement- License plate recognition technology has several applications in areas of law enforcement. An LPR device can be mounted on a patrol car to record plates of passing cars. This information can then be compared with the law enforcement data base for vehicles associated with a crime. This is useful in Amber alerts, finding stolen vehicles and executing felony warrants.

At Toll gates- An LPR system is also useful for vehicle access. On toll roads, these systems can be used to allow cars to pass through toll gates without stopping. The LPR records the plate of the car and associates the number with the registered owner. The bill can then be sent by mail. This technology also can be used in secure, gated locations. When a vehicle recorded in a database approaches a security gate, the system recognizes the license plate, and the gate opens automatically. This allows the driver to pass without interruption saving their valuable time and eliminates the possibility of an entrance code being stolen.

To record these videos, however, the user needs a specialized system and camera setup. This includes:

  • A video management system capable of processing videos and driven by analytics must be available.
  • Security cameras or LPR cameras installed in locations that are at the right height to record license plates
  • Video management software with advanced options for license plate recognition
  • Low speed limits for oncoming traffic, so the camera has enough time to focus on each car as they approach. But with sophisticated cameras from Avigilon available these days, even fast moving vehicles can be identified.
  • Proper lighting, either external or built-in IRs, to combat harsh overhead lighting in parking garages or dark shadows in underground structures

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