Japan is developing worlds faster Super Computer named “Flagship 2020”

Japan has started developing a new super computer, which when ready is said to become the worlds fastest system. The computer is being developed with the project name “Flagship 2020” and is said to get the same name when completed in 2020.

Presently, as per the World’s Top500 list of Super computers, Japan holds third place with the machine called “K”. The Flagship 2020 is said to deliver 100 times more application performance than the current K when ready by early 2020.

Fujitsu in association with Japanese research institution RIKEN is developing Flagship 2020. The same company developed K, which has 705,204 processing cores and offers 10.5 Petaflops of performance on full grade.

The details of the new supercomputer will be shared at Supercomputing 15 conference held in two different sessions in Austin, Texas.

As per the details available through different media sources, the new supercomputer of Japan will run on Linux OS and will use the 6D Mesh (six dimensional) designs will facilitate connections for more simultaneous CPUs, memory, and storage compared to systems today.

Japan’s current K is based on Fujitsu’s SPARC64 VIIIfx processors and Tofu interconnect.

As of now, China’s Tianhe-2 holds the world’s fastest supercomputer position, delivering peak performance of 54.9 petaflops.

The US Department of Energy will get a supercomputer named Aurora in 2019, which will deliver 180 petaflops of performance. At the same time, China is planning to introduce a supercomputer to the world which will have more than 120 petaflops of performance.

Meanwhile, Japan has hinted that its new Flagship2020 will offer a whopping 240 petaflops of performance when operated at full grade.


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